GOYOOPTICAL.com Corporate Logo Goyo Optical Inc,established in 1976, produces a wide variety of lenses used in Machine Vision and CCTV Surveillance.Lenses include Megapixel,Day and Night,1inch format,line scan with f-Mount,F0.95,3CCD camera,UV,Telecentric,TV Macro,Micro Head,Scanner and Projection Zoom.

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31th Jul 2023 Release 1/1.8Inch Format SWIR Lenses GMR5HR181214MCN-SWIR, 2/3Inch Format SWIR Lenses GMR5HR181214MCN-SWIR, GMR5HR32514MCN-SWIR, GMR5HR33516MCN-SWIR and GMR5HR35028MCN-SWIR.
30th Apr 2023 Release 2/3Inch Format 8Megapixel High Resolution Lenses GM8HR31224MCN, GM8HR31624MCN, GM8HR32524MCN and GM8HR33524MCN.
22th Jul 2022 Release 1.1Inch Format 12Megapixel High Resolution Lenses GM12HR58028MCN.
5th Feb 2021 Release Industril Manual Zom Lens GMZ11569MCN-1 and GMZ8048010MCN-1.
5th Feb 2021 Release 1.1Inch Format 12Megapixel High Resolution Lenses GM12HR51218MCN.
2nd Apr 2020 Release Industrial High resolution 1-5 Megapixel fixed focal Lenses GMHR33520MCN-2 and GMHR35028MCN-2.
12th Dec 2019 Release 4/3Inch Format 12megapixel High resolution Lenses GM12HR61220MCN and GM12HR61620MCN,.
19th Feb 2019 Release Industrial LWIR Lenses GLWIR7510, GLWIR1910 and GLWIR2510,.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/1.8" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GA5MPDN181250BS4.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/2.7" Megapixel Day&Night Lense GGM3MPDN272880S, GA3MPDN272880BS4 and GA3MPDN2728130BS4,.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/3" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GA2MPDN15050BS4.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses GAZMPDN325750DCP and GAZMPDN3501500DCP.
15th Feb 2019 Release industrial 1/1.2inch Format 5megapixel Lenses GM5HR128024MCN, GM5HR121220MCN, GM5HR121620MCN, GM5HR122518MCN, GM5HR123521MCN, GM5HR125028MCN and GM5HR127535MCN.

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Upcoming Events
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22-25.May 2023 U.S.A. Automate Detroit

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