GOYOOPTICAL.com Corporate Logo Goyo Optical Inc,established in 1976, produces a wide variety of lenses used in Machine Vision and CCTV Surveillance.Lenses include Megapixel,Day and Night,1inch format,line scan with f-Mount,F0.95,3CCD camera,UV,Telecentric,TV Macro,Micro Head,Scanner and Projection Zoom.

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5th Feb 2021 Release Industril Manual Zom Lens, GMZ11569MCN-1 and GMZ8048010MCN-1.
5th Feb 2021 Release 1.1Inch Format 12Megapixel High Resolution Lenses, GM12HR51218MCN.
2nd Apr 2020 Release Industrial High resolution 1-5 Megapixel fixed focal Lenses , GMHR33520MCN-2, and GMHR35028MCN-2.
12th Dec 2019 Release 4/3Inch Format 12megapixel High resolution Lenses GM12HR61220MCN and GM12HR61620MCN,.
19th Feb 2019 Release Industrial LWIR Lenses GLWIR7510, GLWIR1910, and GLWIR2510,.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/1.8" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GA5MPDN181250BS4.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/2.7" Megapixel Day&Night Lense GGM3MPDN272880S, GA3MPDN272880BS4, and GA3MPDN2728130BS4,.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV 1/3" Megapixel Day&Night Lenses GA2MPDN15050BS4.
15th Feb 2019 Release CCTV Megapixel Motorized Zoom Lenses, GAZMPDN325750DCP, and GAZMPDN3501500DCP.
15th Feb 2019 Release industrial 1/1.2inch Format 5megapixel Lenses, GM5HR128024MCN, GM5HR121220MCN, GM5HR121620MCN, GM5HR122518MCN, GM5HR123521MCN, GM5HR125028MCN, and GM5HR127535MCN.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events
DATE Country Event name
5-7.Oct 2021 Germany Vision Show Stuttgart

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